USA AutoMarket Fees (June 11, 2014)

USA AUTOMARKET offers this service to eligible Buyers interested in purchasing one or a few 
vehicles from Insurance Auto Auctions (referred to as “IAA”) and other US auto auctions. 
The Buyer will provide the specific lot number, maximum bid price and other details about the 
vehicle of interest. USA AUTOMARKET bidding specialist will place bids at the live Internet 
auction up to the maximum bid. If the vehicle is sold for less than the maximum bid, the Buyer 
will pay the winning price, plus auction fees. 
A. Registration fee. The registration is currently free. USA AUTOMARKET reserves the right to increase registration and renewal fees at any time without notice. 
B. Security Deposit. USA AUTOMARKET does not collect any money for a deposit. We require a valid Credit Card, and USA AUTOMARKET will place temporary hold of $1000 until full payment received. If Buyer does not have a valid Credit Card, other deposit options might be available. 
C. Transaction fee. $150 (per purchase) 
D. Wire Transfer fee. $30 (if applicable) 
E. Mailing fee. 
FedEx title delivery $30 (if applicable), USPS Priority postage - FREE 
F. Title reassignment and retail sales documentation. $100 (if applicable, please ask about details) 
G. Sales tax. 7% (applicable to retail sales in Indiana ONLY) 
H. New title fee. (when local BMV processing required to get a new title under USA AutoMarket) $250 
I. Reselling fee (when customer wants to resell the car at an auction under USA AutoMarket, only if title is still under USA AutoMarket) 
J. Duplicate of title request (auction fees not included) $100