Door to Door (D2D) Quotes and Service:

The following is necessary to accurately quote a door to door shipment:

1.  complete origin and destination addresses, including unit numbers.
    • Residential addresses can result in "accessorial" residential surcharges.   These can range from a few dollars per box on a parcel shipment to $25.00 or more per freight shipment.
    • For freight shipments, where the residence or business does not have the equipment to load or offload the freight truck an "accessorial" charge for a lift gate or other service required to load or unload the freight can be added.
2.  accurate weight (lbs) and dimensions (inches) of:
  • each parcel if the shipment is being shipped by parcel carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS);
  • the pallet, crate or individual shipping unit if going by freight carrier;
3.  complete and accurate description of the goods being transported
  • is requested a complete packing list of the pieces being shipped and commercial invoice or pro-forma invoice listing the specific goods and their individual value
estimated weight.
Supplemental Information (for a complete or specific rate for door to terminal/door service for specific cargo):
is the origin location a business with a dock or forklift, or residence;
is the destination location a business with a dock or forklift, or residence;
the weight and dimensions of each piece or parcel being shipped
the commodity, or type of cargo being shipped;
the total value of the cargo being shipped;
any additional handling, packing or services that may be required to load, unload and/or safely transport the cargo.
Quote Form:
copy this quote form so that you will be able to fill in, save and share your shipment information with us. 
copying instructions:  goto the document and from the drop-down File tab, select:  "Make a copy"; "Enter new document name"; and, select "also copy document collaborators" This will share the document with our quoting assistants who will be able to check and help you complete the form.
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