Cargo Hold Request

All Cargo Hold Requests and Fraud Claims are identified by tracking number.  
YOU MUST HAVE A TRACKING NUMBER for us to locate and properly process the claim. 
If you do not have a tracking number, contact the carrier or other party who shipped the cargo for that tracking number.

Upon receipt of this form our warehouse determines the location of the cargo.   The cargo is then placed upon hold.  It may take a full business day for the cargo to be pulled.   Return / release shipments are processed weekly.  Due to the critical nature of the return of fraudulent cargo, management personnel is required to review all returns.   This may delay the release of the cargo until management is available to confirm all critical documentation of the return. 

All requests to hold or return cargo, must be submitted in writing via email or fax.   All replies will be in writing via email or fax.

If your shipment involved more than one tracking number - please provide ALL TRACKING NUMBERS.