PR 20140514 Law Enforcement Bulletin

Re:  Fraudulent Purchase Orders Consigned to an Academic Institution

This last year the  the FBI Internet Crime task force has been contacting freight forwarder for the purpose of locating and recovering shipments addressed to Colleges and Universities.  In February 2014 the task force issued a blanket alert to all warehouses and forwarders, to be on the lookout for such cargo and to hold it pending notification of the shipper. 

Shippers known to have shipped cargo as a result of fraudulent purchase orders are being duly advised by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies as to how to identify such orders.

Updated:  May 2014 

We have been advised by law enforcement that upon the receipt of, and placing on hold any cargo consigned in the name of a university, unless otherwise requested by law enforcement, as the transport provider or warehouse terminal we may at our discretion publicly or privately notice any interested parties that the cargo has been placed on a general or specific law enforcement hold and is subject to Article 7, Section 200 of the Uniform Commercial Code.