Terms & Conditions

International Air Cargo Rate

The information provided on this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time it is recorded on this site. Services, rates, terms and conditions listed on the site can change at any time without notice, so please use the contact functions on the site to personally confirm any information presented.

We reserve the right to inspect, re-pack and even to refuse any shipment for any cause.

Any cargo ready not paid in full or picked up by the Consignee or their Agent within 7 calendar days, shall be subject to disposal at the discretion of A2 Global Shipping or it's assigns.

Additional assessments for services rendered, but not itemized in any quote, are the responsibly of the consignee or final recipient.  These charges can include, but are not limited to: customs, duties, port fees, terminal handling charges, inspections, documentation and final delivery.  Frequently these charges are not assessed until the cargo has arrived at a foreign port, are assessed in foreign currency denominations and the terms and conditions of those services are provided in the local language, and under the jurisdiction of the local courts and business practices.  The consignee at the final destination is the best and present party to negotiate such fees and the applicability or in-applicability of any charges or assessments.