Fraudulently Obtained and Shipped Goods                 

Domestic and International Transporters can at any time be used by fraudulent buyers to ship and receive goods that were obtained fraudulently.  This fraud can be easily prevented at the point of sale.  It is not as easy to identify once the goods have been shipped, repackaged and shipped again to any of 100,000 locations across the USA that each receive parcels and freight for 1000's of different customers.

It is the responsibility of the person at the point of sale to ensure proper payment of the goods prior to shipping the goods.

File a Fraud Report:   If you suspect any goods being shipped to, or transported by A2 Global Shipping as a result of a fraudulent purchase or other illegal activity, use our fraud report form immediately so that we can hold any cargo still in our possession.   
A2 Global Fraud hotline: 888-263-6477      File a Federal Govt - IC3 Internet crime complaint 

Transportation Provider Policy on Stolen or Fraudulently Acquired Property:  
It is not the job of a transportation company to contact a shipper or seller to determine the legitimacy of a sale of goods that are delivered to our receiving dock. What a transportation company will do, upon receipt of a good cause notification of stolen or fraudulently shipped cargo, is hold the goods in their possession and release said goods to appropriate law enforcement agencies and/or a seller upon payment of any due transportation, storage and handling costs accrued on the freight as a result of the party at the point of sale, not exercising due diligence prior to shipping the goods.