$50.00  gift certificate for new Comcast subscribers.  


Valid for 90 days from date of award. 

This certificate is available to:
  • new subscribers;
  • subscribers who are changing service address;
  • a change of responsibility on existing service at a residence where the responsible party is being removed from the account.
To be eligible the new subscriber must contact the Comcast Retail Sales Office at 321 S. Main - Ann Arbor MI 48104, prior to installation of services or change of responsibility by telephone (734) 418.8244 or by email to 734COMCAST@gmail.com and provide their name, address, telephone and email.

Upon installation of services and receipt of first bill, the winner shall provide a copy of their Comcast bill to the Retail Sales Office and shall receive a $50.00 cashiers check to Comcast to be applied to any Comcast invoice.