A2 Global Shipping serves students from more than 200 campuses across the United States.   A typical shipment consists of various boxes of personal items along with a a bicycle, desk chair, television or other pieces that may be shipped anywhere in the US or world.  Here is the typical process:

Shipments to destinations within the United States:
    • purchase boxes - order boxes online here;
    • fill out the online form specifying a pickup date;
    • boxes, bicycle and any other pieces are picked up at your residence and shrink wrapped to a pallet;
    • the pallet is weighed and measured to determine a final billable shipment weight and the shipper is billed electronically;
    • your pallet and pieces are delivered to a regional terminal;
    • at the regional terminal your pallet goes out on the nightly "line haul" for transport to a regional terminal near your destination;
    • when you pallet arrives at the destination terminal, you or your recipient is contacted to schedule a delivery;
    • the wrapped pallet is delivered to your driveway/sidewalk.