Consolidation Process  

1.  final recipient of cargo registers for an Acquitrans account;

2.  account holder, then enters an Inbound Tracking Alert (ITA) for each parcel or freight shipment that is in route to the consolidation address declaring
  • description of product
  • commodity class
  • the value for customs
  • insurance value if they wish to purchase total loss or all risk insurance
  • special handling instructions (inspection, repacking, etc)
  • any additional final delivery instructions.
3.  When a parcel arrives at the consolidation facility:
  • photo is taken of the shipping label and parcel
  • photos are uploaded and if an ITA is filed a received notice is emailed to the final consignee;
  • if no ITA is filed the parcel is Received As Unknown (RAU) and can be later claimed by the the tracking/pro number of each parcel received at the consolidation facility is entered into the Acquitrans site.
  • parcel/freight weight and measure is entered into Acquitrans;
  • shipping charges for the parcel are entered against the chargeable weight along with any additional charges for handling, inspection/inventory, insurance, etc
  • final recipient is sent an email of all of the itemized charges along with photos of any handling performed;
  • re-labeled with the HAWB and a large label of the original tracking number it came in on
  • piece is manifested to the consolidation and placed in an oversize cargo box or pallet for tender to the airline;
  • every charge against each tracking number will appear on the recipients final invoice.
4.  Notices are sent to all recipients when the cargo is tendered to the airline, uplifts, arrives, consol cleared and ready for pickup.

5.  De-consolidator prints out already prepared invoices and matches the cargo up to each recipients final invoice;

6.  De-consolidator accepts payment and releases or forwards cargo to final recipient