Repacking Shoes to Reduce Chargeable Weight


$ .50 per lb on the final chargeable weight
$5.00 per box minimum for each box shipped

Example of Costs and Savings:

We receive 12 boxes of shoes.  The actual weight of the boxes is 70 lbs.  The chargeable weight is 200 lbs.  

The shoes can be removed from the shipping boxes and stay in their retail boxes, or they can also be removed from the retail boxes. For this example, we will assume that they are removed from the retail boxes.

We repack the shoes into 3 boxes that weight .   That is a saving of 110 lbs off the sample invoice listed below.

Sample Invoice

90 lbs x $ airfreight 
90 lbs x $ clearing and duty
90 lbs x $.50 per lb USD repack charges = $45.00 USD
$_ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _   Total

Included on the invoice will be the complete list of the tracking numbers of each box that was received and repacked.