US and Canadian Truck Rates                                                                                CONTACT US FOR QUOTE

LTL - less than truckload:  these shipments can be as small as an oversized box containing a piece of furniture that exceeds the dimensional size that FedEx Ground and UPS will transport.  The minimum  charge for such a shipment starts at $175.00 and will be affected by the following:
  1.  actual weight and dimensions;
  2. FREIGHT CLASS calculated by the density, fragility, ease of handling and value;
  3. whether the pickup and delivery locations are business or residential;
  4. if any additional equipment such as a lift gate is needed to pickup or deliver the freight;
  5. distance the freight is traveling
The cost of a typical, 500 lb shipment, class 100 (general commercial or household good, travelling from a dock in Chicago or Detroit, to a dock in:
  • California - $450.00 
  • Florida - $415.00
  • Houston - $375.00 
  • New Jersey  - $350.00 
  • Hawaii - $900.00
  • Vancouver, British Columbia - $650.00
Estimated costs for accessorial services such as:
  • residential pickup or delivery - add $40.00 for each pickup or delivery involving a residential address;
  • lift gate service - add $35.00 for each;
  • palletizing boxes or loose pieces - $50.00 per pallet
Rate Quote instructions:  please use the contact form or email the following:
  1. Origin address, state and postal code;
  2. Destination address, state and postal code;
  3. the estimated weight and measure of each piece. Piece could be an entire pallet or piece of equipment, or your boxes and loose pieces.
  4. for all shipments specify the commodity being shipped, or the personal nature of the goods being transported.