Two Men and a Truck Referrals

We refer clients to local Two Men and a Truck offices, for any of the following services:
  • moving boxes and residential packing materials;
  • residential packing services;
  • residential loading of moving trucks and ocean containers;
  • local residential moving services, including moves into storage facilities;
  • local, out of state and international  residential moves involving furniture rather than just boxes,
  • any moves that require two or more loaders.
Two Men and a Truck Rates:
  • truck fee - some areas will charge a minimum truck fee in addition to the labor, such as $150.00 per job;
  • labor - for two men with a fully equipped moving truck a typical charge is $100.00 per hour;
  • minimum - the minimum charge may be for as little as one hour, but rates can vary from office to office;
  • increments - typically billed over the minimum by 15 minute increments.
Our Referral Policy:
  • the information we provide on Two Men and a Truck is based upon our best information and belief;
  • we do not mark up Two Men rates, nor do we receive a commission or fee for our referral;
  • any services performed by Two Men will be billed by their local office and any you will pay them for those services;
  • any services for your move provided by A2 Global Shipping included but not limited to, interstate trucking freight, air cargo services or ocean freight, will be billed separately to you by A2 Global Shipping LLC under terms and conditions specific to A2 Global Shipping LLC.