Inbound Cargo Alert

We are migrating the inbound cargo alert to a new system:

For this system, you will open/register a new account here:

Upon registering you will receive a registration confirmation to the email address that you register.  Please use the link in that email to log in to your new account using the log in and password that you register.

Your account will be immediately set up to

1. estimate chargeable weight rates;
2. enter inbound cargo alerts;
3. view your cargo alerts.

You will see additional features that will come live including:

1. notices regarding the receipt of your shipment at the consolidation facility in Michigan, USA;
2. notice of charges related to the anticipated charges for each parcel shipped;
3. manifest / departure notices;
4.  arrival notices; and 
5.  invoices

This page will be updated as those features are activated for your account.

- Air Lagos  March 5, 2014

Please use this form to advise us of cargo that you have caused to be shipped to our warehouse at 11895 Wayne Rd, Romulus, MI 48174.   Please note that the form has recently changed and that upon our receipt of your cargo, the entered weight and dimensions will be posted for your viewing at this link.