Air Cargo Packing
  • Saving Freight Costs:  to reduce your freight costs, we will re-pack your shipments that arrive at our facility in boxes that have empty space or that are not tightly packed.  At our Ann Arbor facility the cost of this in included in the $5.00 charge for receiving, inspecting and re-packing a box.
  • Preventing Damage: when the cargo arrives at our facility in packing that is insufficient to prevent damage to the contents, we will photograph and repack the cargo at the same rate for receiving, inspecting and repacking to save on freight costs.  If the cargo is such that it requires special care, we may charge additional sums for additional time and packing materials.

Example:   The shipper has 16 boxes on a pallet in Kentucky. The boxes are only 20 lbs each but the 50 lb pallet is not certified for air transport and the way the boxes are located on the pallet the shipment will be charged for dimensional weight at a rate of 600 lbs rather than the actual weight of 320 lbs.   We can determine if the boxes are sufficient to be shipped without the pallet or we can re-locate them to a 15 lb pallet and stack them in a way that will not incur the extra dimensional charges.  We save customers hundreds of dollars per shipment by properly packing their cargo.