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1.  quick access to rates and bookings within and from the USA and Canada:
  • air cargo from our 39 US airport stations, to your country;
  • ocean LCL & FCL from major terminals around the US;
  • domestic trucking, parcel, freight and ocean containers, to and from all addresses in the USA and Canada;
  • international air express rates from any address in the USA.
2.  consolidation services:
3.  VISA debit card account and USA address:
  • with our VISA debit card, you can make purchases from anywhere in the US and Canada, both for you personally and on behalf of clients in your country;
  • at the US based address we can provide for you a secure location to receive small, high value items such as electronics and medical supplies;
4.  rate negotiation:
  • if you have regular air or ocean cargo from anywhere in the USA, we can negotiate special rates based upon your anticipated volume;
5.  other business services:
  • US email, phone and fax number
  • US corporation formation
  • US bank account services