Shipping Insurance:

Our recommendation for personal effects / household goods shipments:    obtain a TOTAL LOSS policy for a cost of about 1% of your valuation of the goods.  Damage policies are going to be subject to adjustments for depreciation and deductibles which will frequently exceed the value of a claim.   Most companies will not insure used personal effects or used household goods.

  • Ramon International Insurance Brokers:   $50.00 minimum 
  • P.A.F. Shipping Insurance:   $80.00 minimum 
  • Gobal Insurance Network: $100.00 minimum
  •  - will not insure household goods or personal effects
  • U-PIC Insurance Services: - parcels and freight, but not international ocean vessel shipments
  • Shipsurance: will require a "recent appraisal" or "commercial invoice" if you have a claim, so this is not an effective option for a household goods load.  You could for example insure a partial or piece of a household goods load as in a high value item that you had purchased and still had the receipt or went to the trouble of having appraised.