AWB Form - online public Google Doc  
  • copy the form to a new name and then you can revise the cells revise
### AAA ####_####
  • the first three numbers are the airline code
  • the three alpha characters are the code of the airport of origin (being the airport where the airline receives the cargo, not necessarily the uplift or export airport)
  • the next seven digits are the airlines AWB# 
  • the final digit is a control number issued by the airline
NAME OF AIR CARRIER - as provided by the carrier in the booking confirmation email

Shippers Name and Address:
  • this information along with a phone number is required to ship
  • if an UNKNOWN shipper the shipper must email a photo of their passport or drivers license;
Consignee's Name and Address:
  • absolutely must have the name of a person to whom "Attn" is directed even when the consignee is a business;
  • absolutely must have a street or postal address in addition to the city, and country;
  • absolutely must have a phone number.  It is best if there are two phone numbers;