Services to Switzerland    
                                                                   Dated:  20120930 - please confirm rates via form.
Air Services:                                                                                                                               
  • boxes/freight terminal to terminal  (map of our air terminals)
    • from our air terminals throughout the US to the air terminals in Switzerland;
      • Basel - $2.45 per lb
      • Geneva - $2.50 per lb
    • 220 lb / 100 kg minimum:
      • Basel - $540.00
      • Geneva - $550.00
    • does not include any trucking to our terminals or export document fees;
    • does not include foreign agent handling fees, customs brokering or duties which are payable in the terminal in Switzerland;
    • transit time 3 - 7 days.
    • Our Swiss freight forwarder can assist you with final delivery of your cargo in Switzerland.
  • other Switzerland destinations: similar rates available upon request
Ocean Transport Services:  
  • shipments of 500 lbs or more;
  • full containers;
  • automobiles - inspection, acquisition and transportation;
  • heavy equipment. 

Moving (household effects)

Transfer of domicile to Switzerland is the most important requirement in order to have your household goods and any collections, animals or your car imported into Switzerland duty-free. Further the imported articles must have been used by you personally for at least 6 months and they have to be continued to be used by you after importation.


Household goods, personal effects and students' educational materials can be imported duty-free. This applies even if the domicile is not transferred to Switzerland.

Procedure in the case of importation

At the time of importation, present the completed application form (18.44 household effects) to the customs office of importation.

Immigrants from the 25 initial EU states and from the EFTA states do not have to provide assurance of a residence permit. They provide proof of the transfer of domicile using other means (employment contract, lease, confirmation of notice of departure from the country of departure).

Additional information can be found in the instructions on the application form or in the FAQ. The customs office or the District Directorate of Customs responsible will gladly provide assistance.

Clearance of your household effects must occur during the opening hours of customs offices for merchandise (cf. opening times and addresses of customs offices).