Mattress Shipping from New York to California

Shipping Specifications:
  • what - king sized mattress and two box springs
  • weight - 115 lb mattress and 40 for each box springs 
  • dimensions - 80 x 76 x 14 and two 80 x 38 x 8 inches
  • from - the exterior door of a residence on Long Island, New York 11507
  • to - the exterior door of a residence in Santa Monica, California  90401
  • packing - we provide the shipper with special packing materials and equipment that will enable them to self pack and easily move the mattress from a bedroom to the door of their residence while keeping the mattress clean and reducing the chance of damage or injury to person or property that is normally associated with moving large items; 
  • equipment - truck and driver, shipper will help load, no liftgate required
Rate Details / Options:
  • $450.00 - includes residential pickup and delivery, coast to coast and packing materials;
  • Add Freight - include 5, 40 lb  boxes of books and clothes.  Add $1.00 per lb for a total rate of $650.00;
  • Forget the Box Springs - just ship the mattress - $375.00;
  • Mattress and Books - no box springs, just the mattress and 200 lbs of books and clothes - $575.00
  • Lift Gate - $30.00 for each use of lift gate;
  • Storage or Delayed Delivery - this mattress and box spring set can be stored for $2.35 per day in secure, climate controlled storage. Note, there is a minimum $70.00 storage cost to cover the extra handling involved with delivering and then picking up from a storage facility.