Air Cargo Booking Form Instructions                                        Booking Form

Complete and submit as much information as possible.  Once you have submitted what you can, we will assist you with any remaining information that is required to book the shipment.

Explanation of needed information:

ORIGIN INFORMATION: Even if you are dropping off the cargo, please provide at least a city and state of origin along with an email and phone number where we can contact you for any additional information needed to complete the form.

DESTINATION: If the cargo is being received by an agent, please enter the name, address and contact information for the agent who will be receiving the cargo and the name of the consignee

PICKUP & DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS: provide any applicable information that will help in booking a pickup or delivery of your shipment including preferred time window for pickup and any equipment needed for heavy or over-sized cargo that will require more than a single driver to load.

List the quantify of pieces of the nature that you will describe on this row.

PACKAGING: Boxes, pallet, crates, etc.

MEASURES If possible, specify the estimated length, width and height of each piece identified on the row and indicate ("i") for "inches" and ("c") for "centimeters"

WEIGHTS: estimate the weight of each piece listed on the row. and indicate if the weight you are providing is in lbs ("l") or kg ("k").

PICKUP & DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS: provide any applicable information.

DESCRIPTION: If you have the harmonized code, please provide it here. If you do not and it is necessary, we can assist you in determining it.

VALUE: estimate the total value of the pieces listed in that row.

HAZMAT: if the cargo is HAZARDOUS MATERIAL, please include the UN# and link to MSDS in the DESCRIPTION field.