Nigerian Customs Brokering and Freight Forwarding LLC

  • finance payments to North American, based air/ocean forwarders for cargo exporting to Nigeria;
  • insurance;
  • customs clearing of air and ocean of cargo at Nigerian ports of entry;
  • collection of payments from Nigerian importers;
  • onforwarding / final delivery to Nigeria, Togo, Benin and Ghana;
  • consultation regarding carriers and consolidation options for cargo departing the USA and China.
  • Romulus, MI, USA -
  • Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria - -

Nigerian Customs Brokering and Freight Forwarding LLC (USA) is a joint venture between A2 Global Shipping LLC (USA) and Jodphur Business Ventures Ltd (NG), a licensed Nigerian Customs Brokerage.

  • US Forwarder submits proposed AWB, packing list, commercial invoices and photographs establishing the nature and value of cargo;
  • NCBFF reviews the submission and issues a proposed contract, specifying the financing terms and conditions;
  • cargo is shipped under consignment to Jodphur Business Ventures Ltd (as Nigerian Broker);
  • payment to USA forwarder is tendered in US Dollars per contact terms;
  • upon clearing of cargo, payment is collected from ultimate consignee in Nigeria