Calculating Volumetric or Dimensional Weight

Calculate the cubic feet of the shipment:
  • if inches: length x width x height / 144
  • if centimeters: length x width x height / 17576
Determine the type of shipment / mode of transport:
  • Air Freight - International and Domestic -  (11 lbs / 6 kg) per cubic foot;
  • Express Air Parcel (UPS, FedEx, DHL & US Postal) - (13 lbs / 7 kg) per cubic foot;
  • Domestic Trucking - (11 lbs / 6 kg ) per cubic foot
  • Ocean, Less than Container (LCL) -  (32 lbs / 15 kg) per cubic foot;
Important Factors:
  • if your box(s) are palletized the actual and dimensional weight will include the weight and dimension of the pallet as shown below.
  • palletizing can significantly increase the volumentric/dimensional weight resulting in higher charges.  
  • It is important that your boxes or freight be packed on a pallet in the most compact form rather than one that will maximize the cargo's volume.
  • if the cargo is fragile, it may be necessary to use a pallet that is larger than would normally be used.