Consolidation Rates

Fees applied against individual pieces:

1.  receiving - (includes email notification of receipt and labeling for onforwarding):  
    • $.50 per parcel received by courier/parcel carrier; 
    • $5.00 per pallet / delivery by freight carrier; 
    • $.25 per photo when photos are requested of received cargo.
2.  storage / time in terminal: 
    •  $.02   per chargeable lb, per day 
    • starts on day received, ends on day cargo is tendered to airline.
3.  repacking of parcels to reduce dimensional weight
    • labor:  $.50 per chargeable lb / $3.00 minimum
    • materials if necessary:  
      • $1.00 per cubic foot for boxes;
      • $5.00 per cubic foot for loose filling;
      • .50 per sq foot for bubble wrap.
    • crating or other special handling by quote
4. inspections:
    • $5.00 minimum
    • $.25 per photo
    • $.25 per piece count   
5.  consolidation of pieces for air export:
    • .25 per chargeable lb
6.  trucking costs if consolidator paid to have the parcel or freight delivered to the consolidation terminal

7.  air freight costs against the weight of the piece

Fees applied against the entire shipment

1.  booking fee - $75.00:
    • foreign de-consolidator, selects the airline and rate on which to ship the cargo
    • A2 Global Shipping does not mark up the rate offered by the airline or trucking company, but rather charges a flat $75.00 booking fee for:
      • obtaining the rates
      • requesting the booking
      • preparing the export docset and filings
      • booking the local trucking to deliver to the airline
2.  insurance - $25.00 +:
    • at cost, plus $25.00 booking fee
3.  payment acceptance fee:
    • if by wire the cost of the inbound wire fee charge by the bank
    • if by other means such as Paypal, A2 Global is paid the surcharges incurred.
4.  air freight and trucking costs
    • against the total chargeable weight of the pieces consolidated
    • plus any weight added in the form of pallets, consol boxes and packing materials added to the load and not allocated to any specific piece.