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Use of the information on this page is not only authorized, but we request that you tell your story on fraud forums and back link directly to this page.    Please note that our cargo handlers receive a bonus for each piece of cargo that they recover on behalf of claimants.

All cargo fraud claims requesting a hold/return of property from any of the following addresses
  • 11895 Wayne Rd, Romulus, Michigan 48174;
  • 308 S. State - Suite 31, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
must be submitted in writing and identify the cargo/property to be returned by tracking number, using the Cargo Hold and Return - Claim Form. 

Upon receipt of a properly filed claim, a HOLD is placed against the tracking numbers.  If the cargo has already been palletized for transport, it may take up to 2 business days to disassemble the pallet and locate the parcel, but parcels present at these locations, or inbound to these locations will be placed on hold until the cargo is located and the circumstances of the hold request are confirmed.

Once the parcel is located, it may take another 2 business days for the inventory and billing manager to verify the claim, process for return and invoice the claimant.   At it's sole discretion A2 Global Shipping, may require the party requesting the hold, supply additional documentation regarding their identity and their claim of ownership of the property.  

Upon verification of the claim, the Claimant is invoiced for costs which include but are not limited to costs for locating the cargo, storage, return transport and insurance.  per the published warehouse tariff   
Upon receipt of payment, the cargo is released for return no later than the next business day.   Cargo Hold and Return - Claim Form

Any invoice not paid within 14 days of issuance, will be settled by forfeiture of all claimant rights to the cargo.

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