Iowa City, Iowa Services

Services from this location:
  • Discounted door to door international parcel service for shipments greater than 10 lbs ;
  • Low cost air freight to international airports for shipments totaling more than 50 lbs;
  • International ocean freight for shipments of more than 34 cubic feet or 500 lbs;
  • Domestic freight trucking for shipments totaling 150 lbs or more, requiring palletization or exceeding the volume or dimension limitations of UPS, FedEx or USPS;
  • Custom sized crates;
  • Cargo insurance - for full value of cargo.  Without a full value insurance policy, recovery for loss is limited.
For commercial and residential storage and packing materials please use Quality Care Storage Company @ 761 Camp Cardinal Blvd, Iowa City, IA 52241 Freight trucks service this location M-F out of Cedar Rapids.

For domestic freight and international shipping - Phone:  (319) 423-3714