Charitable Shipments

Ocean Containers - flat rate of $295.00 for least cost routing analysis and booking service
    1. USA trucking of container or freight to export warehouse for cross docking, 
    2. loading or cross docking, 
    3. international cargo insurance;
    4. export documentation;
    5. ocean container freight;
    6. destination terminal charges;
    7. clearing/broker;
    8. destination trucking 
  • important notes:
    1. rates for trucking and for the container ocean freight are subject to the availability of trucks and containers at the terminal that day.  Inventory of containers available, drivers, truck and related equipment change in real time regardless of what prices carriers may quote days or weeks before.   If equipment or drivers are not available then it is move on to the next option which was projected as higher, but could be lower.
    2. we pass through the actual costs of trucking, equipment, insurance, container and export documentation, payable when costs are incurred;
    3. destination costs including clearing, duty and destination trucking are generally less if the importer/recipient are closely involved in the process of requesting rates for services in their country.
    4. when the recipient has a conforming document set to present their local import brokers, customs authorities and trucking companies, along with their understanding of cultural negotiation of rates in the local language or dialect they are likely to achieve a lower cost than we would obtain from the same carriers.  The recipient should also be involved due to the fluctuation of exchange rates for services that are payable in the destination countries currency.
  • rate for LEAST COST ROUTING ANALYSIS and BOOKING SERVICE  of $295.00 - is payable upon presentation of "LEAST COST ROUTING ANALYSIS" details including the below to the client:
    1. proposed commercial  or pro-forma commercial invoice;
    2. proposed packing list
    3. proposed shipper letter of instruction
    4. insurance quote
    5. trucking quote from no less than 3 qualified providers
    6.  ocean quote from no less than 5 vessel operators (subject to limitation where origin or destination does not have 5 vessels with a regional container depot)
    7. destination terminal charge rate from port of destination
    8. identification of 3 customs brokers for whom clearing rates will be initiated by recipient of cargo.