Cash Payments upon arrival at destination:
  • Western Union or Moneygram
  • (tracking code to verify payment provided upon receipt of photo of delivery location)
  • For cash payments collected from Western Union /  Moneygram we need the exact name on the ID of the person collecting the funds.

Electronic Payments:

  • Paypal from our Corporate Paypal account.  We will deposit $1.00 upon booking to confirm we have the correct account.
  • deposit into provider Bank of America, Chase Bank account or other bank on Zelle Payment system (requires email of phone of vendor)
  • Payment by corporate credit or debit card.
  • Overnight ACH - we can issue the confirmation from Bank immediately (this requires vendors account and routing info)

A2 Global Shipping LLC / TRANSPORT AGENT, can only make payments that are electronically verifiable. 

  • We cannot make anonymous payments.
  • Western Union / Moneygram from our corporate account are are considered traceable / track-able to the person who presents an ID to collect the funds.