Book a Shipment - information required for all shipments

1.  Name of the person / business that is responsible for paying for the shipment;

2.  Description of the Cargo

3.  Origin Information
  • If we are picking up the shipment  the complete pickup address and contact information must be provided;
  • For shipments dropped off at a freight  warehouse, port receiving terminal, or parcel drop stations we must still have the complete address and contact information if we are to properly book the shipment and route you to the nearest location available to receive your shipment.
3.  Ship To /  Delivery Information:
  • for door delivery shipments OR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS TO TERMINALS OR PORTS, detailed ship-to-delivery-information is required;
  • for domestic shipments picked up at a truck terminal only the name, telephone and email of the recipient is required.

4.  INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS - identification card of the person who is shipping the cargo from the USA, or dropping the cargo off at our terminal.  This can be provided by scanning or photograph of a photo identification and emailing it along with the other information:

5.  Misc:  
Any additional information the shipper or recipient thinks is relevant about the pickup or delivery schedule or dates, the locations or the cargo.