Fraud -  Identity Theft - Business Identity Theft                          

A seller is contact by a buyer as a representative of a business and provides a business name, address, phone and tax I.D. number.  

The seller checks for the existence of an account with the seller's company or opens an account with credit terms and executes a purchase order for the buyer.  

The buyer then provides the shipping instructions to the seller and the goods are shipped accordingly.  

Like the credit card fraud, the goods are not shipped to the company address of record, but this is a perfectly normal circumstance to the seller, because most wholesalers of commercial goods use middlemen or retail companies who have corporate purchasing departments who place orders and direct goods to be shipped to warehouses, retail sellers or their buyers at different locations around the USA or throughout the world.   

This fraud can be easily identified by the sales person or shipping manager accepting the order, who can contact the buyer's corporation office of record or purchasing department and confirm that the order and shipping instructions were issued by that office.