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What is the lowest rate:    the lowest rate for small shipments is an air cargo service available from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Your parcel(s) are consolidated with a larger 220 lb air cargo shipment destined for the air cargo terminal in Lagos.  This shipment goes out two times each month.   Ocean rates can achieve lower per lb costs, if you are shipping a minimum of several hundred lbs.

How do I send my parcel to you:  review the shipment consolidation instructions.  Ship your parcel to our consolidation location. 

What are the import duties on my cargo:  import duties are assessed at the airport or seaport cargo terminals.   You may contact a licensed Nigerian Customs Broker to determine exact duties. 

When do I pay for the import duties: import duties are paid when the cargo is inspected by customs in Nigeria.

Do you serve all locations in Nigeria:  we can ship Air Express parcels from any door in the USA to business and residences throughout Nigeria.   This service is expensive.  The lower cost option is to ship it from the door in the USA to a Nigerian forwarder in Lagos who can then arrange the least cost delivery option to any address in Nigeria.

How should my cargo be packed:  regular shipping boxes, suitcases, crates and pallets are acceptable.  If you require any packing or handling services, use the confirm rate form to detail your cargo and request additional information.

When do I pay for my shipment:   when the cargo is received at our warehouse or cargo terminals it is weighed and invoiced.  You will pay the freight invoice for the transport of your cargo to the foreign airport or sea terminal prior to the cargo being exported.  Any duties, handling fees or forwarding fees for transport in Nigeria will be paid to the transportation provider located in Nigeria.

Nigeria Air Freight Rates

$2.75 per lb AIR CARGO from Ann Arbor, Michigan to:  Lagos, Nigeria (Multala Muhammed Airport Cargo Complex).  
$3.00 per lb from most major US airports to Lagos. List / Map

Service Details:
Minimum weight or charge:  220 lbs / 21 cubic feet or $605.00 USD prepaid in USA or Lagos at GT Bank; 
Exception to minimum rate:  see FAQ: below - 10 lb minimum
Transit Time: as little as 2 days for cargo departing Ann Arbor on Friday has been arriving in Lagos on Monday.
Disclaimer: TT is contingent on the flight capacity and routing from the particular airport.
No additional charge for: US handling, export documentation, fuel and security surcharges are included in the per lb rate;
Trucking:  trucking to US air terminals can be provided (usual rate is about $.50 per lb).

Destination Options:
Customs Clearing & Duties: The recipient or their agent in Lagos is responsible for any costs associated with customs clearing or duties.  Typical clearing fees and duties for general cargo are estimated at $1.25 per lb;
Form M Number: required of the importer unless a clearing agent is listed as Consignee;
Final Delivery:  can be provided by Consignee / Recipient or their designated agent
Abuja; Warri; Port Harcourt:   cargo agents can forward to these destinations for $.35 per lb USD.
Cargo Agents in Lagos:  here is our list

10 lb minimum:  
  suitcases, boxes, pallets, crated, bundled, bagged are acceptable. 
Personal Effects / Household Goods:  these are acceptable for shipping if properly packed and inventoried;
Multiple Shippers:  you can combine your cargo with other persons to meet the minimum weight or charge so long as the cargo is assigned to a single recipient or agent at the destination, who will clear and distribute the cargo to final recipients.
Insurance:  insurance is available for high value cargo;
Hazmat:  email the UN commodity code number and MSDS for rate.

Contact:   contact form    1.734.799.0001

Posted rates are always subject to change without notice, so please use the contact form to verify that the rate is still current.