Jodphur LCL - Rates  to Lagos by Sea     (back to Jodphur LCL)

PLEASE READ:     full tariff  -  terms and conditions
All rates are calculated in inches and lbs using the chargeable weight formula:
Length x Width x Height / 139 = dimensional weight
Chargeable Weight is whichever is greater - the actual weight or dimensional weight.
Sea Rates - assessed per piece: box, bag, crate, or pallet.
DESTINATION DUTY CHARGES - this will be advised upon arrival at destination.    
Minimum  INVOICE for Ocean Freight Charges $225.00 USD
  • $2.25 USD per lb   
  • $2.00 - per piece of 51+ lbs
  • $1.75 -per piece of 101+ lbs
  • $1.50 - per piece of 501+ lbs
  • $1.25 - per piece of  1,001 lbs +
  • collect fee - 10% of total invoice, payable in Lagos upon arrival of consignment
  • insurance - 5% of declared value
The listed rates include the following services:
receiving cargo, and 14 days storage prior to announced loading cutoff;
loading cargo at terminal;
all transport and clearing costs from loading warehouse in USA to release warehouse in Ikeja, Nigeria
Rate does not include: any VAT, duty, fee or penalty against the imported commodity, and its amount and value as declared by the importer or as assessed by Nigerian Customs Administration at the Port of Lagos.  CET CODE Import Duty and VAT search engine