International Air Shipping    quick air quote

  • express parcel - door to door:  boxes, suitcases, smaller pallets and crates;  (often the best value for shipments under 100 lbs).  Single pieces are restricted in dimensions and weight of less than 150 lbs 
  • terminal to terminal cargo:  boxes, suitcases, pallets, crates;  (often the best value for shipments totaling 100 lbs or more.
  • origin door to foreign terminal, or origin terminal to foreign door;
  • door to door freight:  door to door transport rates do not include destination duty or VAT which is the obligation of the importer.
Rate Quote instructions:  please use the quick air quote form or email the following:
  • generally, door to door rates require complete addresses include destination postal codes for many countries;
  • station to Station rates can be provided against the origin city in US/CAN and destination city and country;
  • the accuracy of the door to door rate is based upon the actual weights and dimension of each piece.  There is more flexibility with cargo rate, but there are still size and dimensional limitations and chargeable weight to be applied;
  • for all shipments specify the commodity being shipped, or the personal nature of the goods being transported.
Air Transport FAQ's:
  • unaccompanied baggage, unknown shipper, personal effects options are available;
  • lithium battery and hazmat or dangerous goods cargo options are available;

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