Box Strength Guidelines:
  • If you put more weight in a box than it is designed to carry it may burst.
  • Single wall boxes with a (32 ECT) or edge crush test are not designed to hold more than 30 lbs.
  • 40 ECT can carry 40 lbs; 44 ECT....50 lbs; 55 ECT....65 lbs
  • If you are putting more than 65 lbs into a box, it should be a double wall box which start with ECT ratings of 48 lbs per inch width.

If your boxes are not strong enough to handle the weight that you put in them, they can burst.   If you have 32 ECT boxes, you may want to send your boxes via freight service where they are placed on a pallet and shrink wrapped together.  This stabilizes them and protects your cargo.  A standard pallet is 48 x 40 inches and boxes can be easily stacked up to 60 inches high.   Typical costs of pallet service is $50.00 per pallet.   Also, if the pallet is then delivered to a location without a dock, there is another $50..00 charge for delivering the pallet using a truck with a lift gate.