Terms & Conditions Applicable to Estimates, Quotes & Bids

Charges and transit times provided in estimates/quotes are a product of limited information provided by the shipper, carriers, and third-party rate providers. Due care is made to accurately quote charges, but accuracy is not guaranteed. Numerous factors, including human error by the shipper, booking agent, carrier or third-party rate provider, can occur in addition to circumstances where the cargo is not precisely or fully described or may require additional packing, handling or insurance to appropriately transport.

In every case, once the cargo is tendered to a carrier, the shipper bears the responsibility of the amended costs charged against the shipment and providers, booking agents and third-party providers are entitled to enforce their liens against the cargo, including but not limited to enforcement against the shipper, exporter, consignee and importer. . In no case is a booking agent, carrier or third-party provider to liable to a shipper, importer, exporter or consignee for any error of estimate, quote or bid, and liability is waived by shipper, consignee, and any other beneficiary of said shipment by the tendering of cargo. The party that tenders the cargo bears all liability and is responsible for properly insuring cargo. Due care is taken by booking agents, carriers and third party providers to provide specified charges, but especially when international service is involved there are charges, fees, duties, taxes and assessments that are not known or that may or not be applicable, or that may be assessed against values determined in destination country by local officials.

It is the responsibility of the shipper and/or consignee to apprise themselves of all import costs, and transport costs even when the booking agent, carrier or third party provider limits their estimate/quote to specified, known charges. Carriers, third-party providers, and agents make a good faith effort to accurately estimate the charges at the time the quote is provided, but charges can change without notice. Especially with international shipments, there can be charges that may apply including but not limited to customs or duty inspections but that may or may not occur or charges assessed in transit or at destination ports or terminals that are payable in the local currency to a local provider. Many of these charges are statutory import fees or regulated port fees applied to all shippers and cargo per local or national tariff.  There are also taxes, duties and exemptions that are applicable to some importers/consignees, but not others based on the Visa, tax, or other status held by the importer.