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How the level of service or location affects costs:
  • lowest - drop off the barrel at a truck terminal;
  • higher - pick up the barrel from a business with regular hours and a dock or forklift
  • higher still - pickup barrel from a location requiring a lift gate truck
  • highest - residence (residential pickups generally require lift gate truck service.
Additional costs of picking up barrels from USA addresses:
  • from a business:
    • with a dock the minimum pickup charge is $49.00 for the first barrel;
    • discounts for multiple barrels
    • If the business does not have a dock or forklift to load the barrel there is an additional flat rate of $45.00 for lift gate equipment
  • from a residence:
    • a lift gate truck is required so the minimum cost for picking up a barrel from a residence and transferring it to a terminal is usually at least $94.00
Pickup of boxes, tubs, pallets and crates:
  • FedEx Ground or UPS is often the least expensive option for boxes under 70 lbs and less than 6 cubic feet;
  • trucks with lift gates are available for larger crates and pallets
SAMPLE RATE for pickup from Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI and transfer to Detroit terminal
  • $45.00 for pickup of up to 3 barrels;
  • no additional fee for residence, lift gate truck, or weekend pickup (also not typical)