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  • We do not pick up barrels from residences as our freight trucks are not equipped with barrel dollies;
  • Shipper can deliver to our truck terminals or we can refer for a van or small truck service .
  • We suggest using craigslist to locate person with pickup or van for hauling;
  • example link: https://annarbor.craigslist.org/search/lbs
  • Shipper can drop off boxes at our terminals;
  • We can assist shipper in booking a FedEx Ground drop-off pickup to ship to USA terminal;
  • For shipments of multiple boxes we can arrange a local pickup or shipper can use Craigslist
Pallets and Crate:
  • our commercial trucks are equipped with lift gates and pallet jacks.
  • we will pick up barrels that have been palletized.
COST OF COMMERCIAL TRUCK, DRIVER & LIFT GATE - usually a minimum of $275.00