ATA Quote            

Information required for an accurate quote:

Origin:  origin airport or city and state of cargo;
Destination:  destination airport code or city, state/province and country

Actual weight:  your best estimate as to the actual total weight of the cargo;
Chargeable weight:  this is determined by calculating the dimensional weight at 10.4 lbs per cubic foot and selecting the higher of the dimensional or actual weight.
Pieces:  the length, width and height (inches) of each piece shipped.  If a pallet with multiple boxes - we just need the pallet total weight and dimensions.

Shipper Status:   Known / Unknown - To determine this for you, we will need for you to provide the name, address and telephone number of the location from which the cargo originates
Commodity:  is the cargo personal effects / baggage, commercial cargo or of other description and if so, what?
Value of the cargo:  total value of the cargo being shipped, in US Dollars;
Hazmat:  if the cargo is hazmat, we will need the UN#, Class, Packing Group and MSDS (material safety data sheet)

Misc information or request:  additional questions or information that you provide here.

ATA quote includes:   
  • Airport to Airport air freight
  • fuel surcharges
  • security surcharges
  • screening fee
  • EU fee
  • AWB
ATA quote does not include:
  • trucking to air cargo terminal
  • ITN / AES export control number for commercial or personal cargo valued at more than $2499.00 USD
  • packing, loading
  • insurance (we will provide you with the inventory sheet that you will use for insurance and customs clearing)
  • destination terminal handling fees
  • clearing / duties
  • final delivery of cargo from air terminal
  • unloading
  • unpacking
  • anything else not specifically mentioned