The Shipment Process from

Shipper:  uses the applicable online quote form;
A2 Global Shipping:  replies via an email with an attached estimate of the charges;

Shipper  emails a reply, accepting the estimate;
A2 Global Shipping:  using information from the estimate, drafts a Shipper Letter of Instructions (SLI), and emails it to the customer for completion and signature;

Shipper:  completes, signs and returns the Shipper Letter of Instruction (Shippers Booking Request) to A2 Global, along with any other required documents such as a Packing List and Commercial Invoice;
A2 Global Shipping:  converts the estimate to an electronic invoice for online payment by the Customer;

Shipper  pays the invoice
A2 Global Shipping:  books the shipment and emails the shipping documents, labels, insurance certificate and instructions for pickup or drop-off, to the Shipper;

Shipper:  contacts dispatch to confirm the pickup time/date, or tenders the cargo per instructions to the applicable terminal;
A2 Global Shipping:  obtains the weight and measure audit from the receiving terminal and updates the Shippers Invoice;
Shipper:  if any updates were made to the invoice, pays any remaining balance;
A2 Global Shipping:  advises the destination terminal to express release the cargo as shipping invoice was pre-paid;

A2 Global Shipping:  provides Shipper/Consignee with the tracking and destination terminal contact information;
Shipper/Consignee:  arranges with the destination terminal for release of the cargo or to schedule delivery.