Services to Ghana                                                                   

  • $3.25 per lb from our dock in Ann Arbor,  220 lbs / $715.00 minimum;
  • Save on freight costs and prevent damage with our Receiving, Packing and Consolidation Service.
  • Similar rates for cargo exiting the US from other locations and to other African destinations;
  • Transit Time - Typical transit time from Ann Arbor to Accra is 5-7 days;
  • Cargo is picked up from the airport agent in Accra;

Ocean Transport Services:  
  • shipments of 500 lbs or more;
  • full containers
  • automobiles, heavy equipment.  

Other Services
  • Storage - starting at 3 cents per day
  • Customs Clearance & Duties:   are performed in accordance with the laws of the country of import at terminals and warehouses located at the major airports, and docks  The importer is responsible for any local fees or duties assessed by the receiving terminal, agent or customs official.  Any charges will be assessed at the time of inspection/import in the local currency.