Yes, A2 Global Shipping provides FedEx services.

Please use our general contact form for any inquiries.

FedEx pickups:

  • print the label and securely tape to each parcel;
  • if the parcel or box has old shipping labels, use the new label to cover up those labels;
  • call 800-463-3339 and provide the waybill number or CPU - pickup number to confirm the following:
    • that your pickup is in the FedEx system
    • the approximate day and time that the driver may be in your area to pickup your parcels;
    • where you are going to leave the parcels for the driver (back door, porch, etc)
    • that you are leaving a note on the door for the driver where they can find the parcels if you step out of the house, or leave them with a neighbor.
    • other questions may be addressed to FedEx customer service.

Fed-Ex Drop-off Option:

FedEx has 1000's of drop-off locations around the USA that are convenient to use, rather than waiting for a driver.
You can enter your address at this site to find the FedEx drop off location closest to you.

FedEx Tracking

Enter your tracking number here to track FedEx parcel shipments.