The Shipper is responsible for accurately disclosing the details of the shipment so that it can be accurately estimated and rated for the applicable services that are being requested by the shipper.

Weight and Measure is primary determinant of the price.  If pieces are overweight or oversized the equipment available to move the shipment, may not be available.  The cargo may have to be re-routed on a different carrier or mode of transport at additional expense.

Address Accessibility, where for example the normal route truck cannot get down the road to perform a pickup, due to a low bridge or trees or a long narrow driveway with no turn-around.    

Accessorial Services, such as interior pickups, repacking or palletizing, after-hours pickups or requirement of special equipment such as a lift gate will be added to the shipment.  A quote from a shipper presumes that the cargo is ready to move by a single truck or driver and in the case of boxes, picked up at the threshold and if freight ready on a full truck dock to be loaded with a hand pallet jack.

Type of Commodity and Value of Goods is another area where the shipment could incur special handling charges necessary to avoid damage to the shipment or to other shipments being consolidated on the same truck or sea or air container.   HAZAMAT and Dangerous Goods are a specific type of shipment where the complete and accurate nature of the goods must be disclosed by the shipper to the carrier.  Unless a high value, fragile or HAZMAT is specifically stated by the shipper requesting a quote, the presumption of the carrier is that the shipper is shipping general cargo of normal value and fragility and NOT-HAZMAT.

The best way for a shipper to completely disclose the information needed for an accurate quote and surprise free shipment is to provide the full address(s) and contact information, packing lists and commercial invoices and photos of the packed cargo.