LCL Quote

The amount quoted:     USD, prepaid

includes the following services:   
  • ocean freight costs from USA central freight station to Port of:  
  • export documentation
does not include any of the following charges which may be applicable depending upon the country of import, the port of destination and final delivery services that you may require:
  • truck pickup from USA to warehouse or centrals freight station;
  • packing;
  • palletize cargo on ocean rated pallet;
  • shrink wrapping;
  • crating as may be required by the vessel carriers for some freight to some destinations;
  • insurance (we will provide you with the inventory sheet that you will use for insurance and customs clearing)
  • destination port fees;
  • terminal handling charges;
  • broker fees,
  • import bond;
  • clearing;
  • duties or taxes;
  • final delivery of cargo from port;
  • unloading;
  • unpacking;
  • anything else not specifically mentioned.