Free Shipping to Lagos Nigeria - June 2013 Special 

...from our new Michigan consolidation warehouse.                            contact us     regular services / rates to Nigeria 
Normally we charge $3.00 per lb for air cargo to Lagos, 10 lb minimum and $1.25 for clearing and duties payable in Lagos.   But if you have never used our new location before, why don't you ship the first 5 lbs to Lagos on us.
Send your parcel to:
A2 Global Shipping 
ATTN:  your email address
28795 Goddard Rd
Romulus, Michigan 48174
ph:  your phone number in Nigeria
We will ship your cargo with our regularly scheduled shipments:  tracking and flight schedule
When the  tracking and flight schedule shows that the cargo has been released in Lagos, collect your cargo identified by the email and phone number you used, at:
Jodphur Business Ventures Ltd
Attention: John Odunewu
13A Oremeji Street, Off Ola Ayeni Street,
Ikeja, Lagos.
Phone: 08068009083
Preferred Time: 11:00 to 14:00 hrs - Monday - Friday
You will be charged $1.25 per lb for the cost of clearing and Nigerian Duties.  

If your shipment is over 5 lbs you will receive a $15.00 USD reduction against the normal price of $3.00 per lb for the cost of air freight.  

Example:  8 lb shipment cost is $21.00 USD:

$ 24.00 (normal freight cost at $3.00 per lb)
- $15.00 ($3.00 x 5 lbs) free
$   9.00 cost of freight from USA
+$12.00   ($1.25 x 8 lbs clearing and duties)
$21.00 Total Invoice

Rules for this promotion and Answers to frequently asked questions:
    1. must be a first time shipper from our new 28795 Goddard, Romulus, Michigan location;
    2. cargo that Nigerian assesses "exemplary" rather than general duties, you will need to pay the "exemplary duties';
    3. weight is based upon DIMENSIONAL / CHARGEABLE WEIGHT;
    4. hazmat cargo is not allowed for this promotion;
    5. you can refer family and friends who have not previously shipped from this location;
    6. A2 Global Shipping is a licensed indirect air carrier:
    7. You cannot apply any unused discount to the clearing and duties.
    8. More on our regular prices, coverage of all of the USA/Canada and Nigeria:
    9. This promotion is valid for any parcel received at our warehouse in the month of June 2013.
    10. Additonal questions, please contact us by email at:
    11. valid only for commercial cargo from known retailers in USA, not applicable for personal effects or used goods.