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Quotes from terminal vs. Quotes involving pickup service

The basic, lowest cost serivce is from a truck terminal located in the identified regional or metro area identified on the quote as the origin, to the port or terminal in the destination country or territory.

Pickups from warehouses, businesss and residences add significantly to the cost of transport. Most shippers use an SUV, pickup truck or rent a cargo van to deliver their barrel(s) to a truck terminal. Specific costs of pickup service are only quoted, upon request when we have been provided a complete address. Pickups generally take place between the hours of 1 and 5 pm, M-F. Terminals can close at 4:00 pm but others are open later.

Transport of Barrels and cargo in general

From terminal or if you book a pickup with us, cargo will be in covered vehicles and secure warehouses all the way to final port. In addition to metal and plastic barrels, much of our cargo is in boxes transported on pallets or crates. Fiber barrels are acceptable.

The lowest cost, used plastic and metal barrels, boxes, pallets and crates can be found on

Use this link for additional information on how to find barrels, and packing materials

Terminals do not invoice or accept payments. All payments are made via online link issued after the terminal has emailed us their dock receipt. The shipper pays online when the cargo is approved for export.

Booking Process

Shipper/exporter emails their exporter name, complete address, and photo of the cargo and their ID, along with the name, address and two phone numbers for the destination importer/recipient.

Some terminals have drop off hours that end at 4:00 pm M-F. Others have hours as late as 8:00 pm, M-F. These hours, or even the locations can change. When we book your cargo we confirm the hours with the terminal and provide you that phone number.

If you are dropping off barrels or other cargo, we will issue a booking sheet for you to have signed at the terminal and barcoded labels for you to attach to each barrel or packed shipping unit such as a pallet or crate. The terminal will not accept cargo without a booking sheet and barcoded labels which enable the cargo to be tracked.

In Transit & Tracking

Cargo / Barrels are tracked from or into ocean receiving facilities. Much of the time in transit will be spent sitting in a warehouse waiting for loading onto a truck or container or the container waiting at port to be loaded onto the vessel.

The final Bill of Lading (BOL) is not actually issued unit the container with your barrel/cargo is loaded onto the vessel. This is because containers are frequently moved up in schedule to a different vessel or are bumped back to a later vessel. The final BOL is required to state the actual vessel upon which the container was loaded, not the vessel on which it was originally booked.

The destination terminal contact information is on the final Bill of Lading. From the time the Final BOL is issued the recipient / consignee on the Bill of Lading should call that local destiantion terminal with any questions pertaining to tracking the vessel / cargo, arrival date and time and procedures for clearing. Back here in the USA, our effort is getting your cargo to the port and on the right vessel. Some of us learn over the years - answers for specific destinations, but some details change, and it is the destiantion terminals that will have the best information.

Please use this form for additional information on rates, location and packing.