FedEx International

If you would like to apply for a discounted rate on a FedEx International shipment, originating from the USA, please take the following steps.

Determine the dimensional weight of your parcel(s); using the FedEx dimensional weight calculator

Find the destination country Zone, using the
FedEx International Zone Chart

Using your parcel(s) Chargeable Weight, find the lb rate for your destination country zone on the
FedEx International Rates Chart

Enter the rate for your lbs of chargeable weight into the
Discounted Rate Calculator, along with the % discount you are requesting.

Use the
Shipping Rate Request contact form to email your shipment Chargeable Weight, origin postal code, and destination city and state along with the discounter rate you are requesting and the week your shipment is available to be picked up.  Discounts can be sensitive to the exact day of the week that they are shipped.