International Consolidation Partners Wanted      details:  consolidation,   deconsolidtion/onforwarding

A2 Global Shipping has developed processes and software for the management of small parcel consolidations that are direct to a single foreign person or business, or direct to a foreign broker / forwarder who then deconsolidates the shipment into its individual parcels for many different consignees.   Yes, we are happy to assist with individual inbound and outbound shipments, but consolidations offer the opportunity to develop a significant volume of repeat business.

Example 1 - New Delhi India:  we have a single consignee who orders a variety of commodities from different vendors throughout the USA and Canada.  Each day the parcels arrive at our facility and are photographed, manifested and repacked into 200 kg+ shipment that goes out monthly by air to New Delhi;   Base rate is 1 lb for $2.25

Example 2 - Lagos, Nigeria: dozens of different consignees order goods from Amazon, Ebay and other online stores in the USA, which their sellers ship to our warehouse.  Each parcel is photographed, repacked to reduce dimensional weight charges, and invoiced to the specific consignee.   At the end of the week, the entire lot ships to Lagos, where our deconsolidation partner, clears the lot, and upon receipt of payment in the local currency, releases to each individual consignee.   Some consolidations have been as large as 4000 kg divided up among as many as 100 consignees.  Retail rate to customers in Lagos is $3.00 for a 1 lb piece

The system that we developed automates the following process:
  • notifying the customer of the receipt of the parcel;
  • calculating the chargeable weight and applying the per lb rate to the piece;
  • managing the repack charges and recalculating the reduced chargeable rate and notifying the customer of the savings;
  • manifesting and labeling each of the pieces.
  • invoicing the customer and notifying them when the cargo is ready for release at destination;
  • the Acquitrans system was developed for customers using a mobile device and significantly reduces the customer service email and telephone inquiries.
  • Acquitrans has a customer service staff that assisted with the design of the system that handles the email and telephone customer service inquiries.
We would like to use our consolidation facility and software to develop new lanes.   We also have a facility in China that is on the Acquitrans consolidation system.