ocean transportation rates

compare the costs

Use this link to compare average ocean shipping costs from the U.S., to more than 73 different countries. 

estimated average ocean rates include:
    • local commercial pickup;
    • interstate trucking costs;
    • ocean freight;
    • estimated foreign terminal handling fees;
    • costs for more than 40,000 lbs do not include terminal handling / destination fees.
estimated average air costs include::
    • door to door service - all fees except for any duties;
    • door to port - all fees except for duties and residential pickup.

additional information on total cost of international transportation

transportation costs paid by the shipper:   (when the shipment is booked or picked up)
      • local pickup from residence or business and transport to ocean port (in some cases cargo can be dropped off at a terminal);
      • ocean rated pallet and wrap (the necessity of this depends on the fragility and size of cargo);
      • filing the export documents such as the AES and certificate of origin;
      • insurance;
      • ocean freight - transport costs from US port to foreign port;
      • inland trasnport - transportation cost from the foreign port to an inland city in the foreign country.
destination costs paid by the recipient or consignee:   (when the shipment arrives at the foreign port)
      • destination port or terminal fee 
      • filing customs forms / import documents - many recipients do this on their own;
      • duties or import taxes - (most countries have exemptions for personal effects);
      • local delivery from the port/terminal - many recipients do this themselves or hire the lowest cost local provider.