Air Lagos Tutorial


Shipping a parcel from the USA to Lagos, Nigeria IS NOT LIKE ORDERING A PIZZA, requesting a cab or adding minutes to a cellphone plan.

Many shippers exhibit this casual attitude towards a complex international transaction, by requesting a rate via a text message, or telephone call, rather than fulling informing themselves of the pricing information that we have spent significant hours to detail on this site.

No serious minded shipper would ever accept, or rely upon a verbally communicated transportation rate.  This bears repeating.  NO SERIOUS SHIPPING CUSTOMER WOULD EVER RELY ON THE VERBAL COMMUNICATION OF A TRANSPORTATION RATE.  To be legally binding a transportation rate and all of the relevant conditions and exceptions must be presented in writing.  A telephone call cannot do this as no party can be certain what the other party heard.  A text message cannot contain all of the words necessary to present the complete rate and the terms and conditions.

This tutorial is based upon our experience successfully receiving, shipping and clearing thousands of parcels from our consolidation facility in Michigan, USA to Lagos,Nigeria.   For new customers wishing to open an account IT IS REQUIRED READING.   Customer who email or telephone with questions concerning matters that are already explained in detail in this tutorial have two options.  They can:  review the tutorial, or; they can schedule an appointment to come into the office in Michigan or Lagos and have the matter personally explained to them.  When a customer cannot read and understand the tutorial online, it is a pointless waste of their time and ours to attempt to further explain the topic via an email or telephone call.   The exception to this are subjects that are not clearly covered in the tutorial.  In this case we should be requested via an email to add that subject to the tutorial.

The tutorial has the following sections:  Calculating Transportation Costs;  Properly Addressing Shipments; and, Receiving and Paying for Cargo