Air Freight - Drop Station Add on Rates

Important notes on drop station trucking rates:

Rates range from $.29 to $.59 per lb

Minimum:  there is a minimum 100 lb weight rate

Terminal to Terminal:  the rates apply to cargo that is dropped off at the listed terminal/station.

Chargeable Weight:  the minimum/per lb rates are applied to the chargeable weight when the cargo is received at the destination terminal.

Transit Times (TT) to DTW (Michigan) range from 1 to 4 days.

Station Locations:  drop stations are listed for more than Fifty (50) metro areas around the USA.   The address of these stations are listed on the following page.

Picking up cargo from residences, businesses and storage facilities/warehouses - please use the Pickup Rate Request form for a precise rate quote.

Shipping Less than 100 lbs - your lowest cost may be to ship your parcel from a UPS Store, FedEx Office addressed to our facility located at: 
11895 Wayne Rd - Suite 104, 
Romulus, MI 48174.

For shipping by US Postal Service - please address your parcel to:  POB 74340, Romulus, MI 48174