Ocean Vessel Shipments:
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LCL - less than container load:  these shipments start at about 500 lbs of boxed, crated or palletized freight.  Destinations include all continents.  Freight is generally trucked to Ports of NY, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles or Seattle for consolidation in 40 ft containers.  Rates vary widely based upon origin and destination port, size of the shipment and commodity classification.  Personal effects can be shipped,  but clearing customs and retrieval of cargo at a foreign ocean terminal can be significantly more difficult and expensive than retrieving and clearing cargo from an air termina.

FCL - full container load:  20, 40 and 40HC:  the port to port rate for a full 20 foot ocean container can be as little as $1,500.00 US.  Trucking the container to the loading address and back to the port will generally cost at a minimum, $300.00 USD.   Destination port fees generally run several hundred dollars.  

RORO - roll on roll off: these special ships accommodate automobiles and oversized equipment.  Rates start at about $1500.00 for small sedans, a couple hundred more for SUV's and are port to port.  You must deliver or pay to have the auto delivered to the port.  Primary RORO ports are New York, Baltimore, Savanah, Jacksonville, Houston and Los Angeles.  Transport of a vehicle from Los Angeles to New York / Baltimore is typically $1000.00 USD.

Hawaii & Guam:  the above services are available to Hawaii and Guam.

Rate Quote instructions:  please use the contact form or email the following:
  1. Origin address, state and postal code;
  2. Destination city and country, or address if Guam / Hawaii;
  3. for LCL, the weight and measure of each piece, FCL the estimated weight and number of pieces, RORO the year, make and model of the car or equipment;
  4. for all shipments specify the commodity being shipped, or the personal nature of the goods being transported.