Services to Latvia   
                                                                   Dated:  20120930 - please confirm rates via form.
Air Services:                                                                                                                               
  • boxes/freight terminal to terminal - $2.70 per lb;    (map of our air terminals)
    • from our air terminals throughout the US to the air terminal in Riga, Latvia;
    • 220 lb / 100 kg minimum for $595.00;
    • does not include any trucking to our terminals or export document fees;
    • does not include foreign agent handling fees, customs brokering or duties which are payable in Latvia;
    • transit time 3 - 7 days.
    • Our Latvia freight forwarder can assist you with final delivery of your cargo in Latvia.
  • other Latvia destinations: similar rates available upon request
Ocean Transport Services:  
  • shipments of 500 lbs or more;
  • full containers;
  • automobiles - inspection, acquisition and transportation;
  • heavy equipment.